Energy Ecosystems

Molecular mechanisms in biomass pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is the fundamental process of various thermochemical conversion technologies of biomass including gasification, carbonization, fast pyrolysis, and even incineration. However, the information on the molecular mechanisms of biomass pyrolysis is very limited and has been treated as “black box”. The better understanding of biomass pyrolysis gives insights into the improvement of biomass conversion technologies and the exploring of new conversion ways.

The advantage of pyrolysis-based technologies exists in a quick conversion of biomass, particularly for stable lignocellulosics, whereas the formation of complex mixtures of many kinds of products is the drawback to address. In our laboratory, the molecular-based mechanisms of biomass pyrolysis have been studied, from the viewpoint of organic chemistry and organic reaction mechanisms, aiming at the control of the complex reactions to improve the selectivity of the formation of biomass pyrolysis products.