Energy Ecosystems

Energy Ecosystems


Our lab is working on the efficient production of energy and chemicals from biomass.


After the completion ceremony…


Oral presentation at

Pyro2018 in Kyoto

Cover page

Our laboratory paper is on the cover of ChemistryOpen.

2nd-year presentation

The 2nd-year presentation of the International Energy Science Course was held on April 27. Resi...
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JWRS Best Paper Award

The following paper from our laboratory was awarded the 15th JWRS Best Paper Award, and...
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Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony was held on March 24. Five master's students completed their research and...
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Best Poster Award

At the 30th Annual Meeting of the Energy Society of Japan held in August 2021,...
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Master’s Thesis Presentation

The 2021 Master's thesis presentation was held on February 14th and 15th. Five M2 students...
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