Energy Ecosystems

Energy Ecosystems


Our lab is working on the efficient production of energy and chemicals from biomass.


After the completion ceremony…


Oral presentation at

Pyro2018 in Kyoto

Cover page

Our laboratory paper is on the cover of ChemistryOpen.


Our laboratory's paper on the carbonization mechanism of cellulose is now on the cover picture...
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Doctoral degree conferral

Jiawei Wang and Takashi Nomura of our laboratory were awarded the Doctoral degree (Energy Science)...
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Presentation Award

Jiaqi Wang, the doctoral student of our lab, won the Best Student Oral Presentation Award...
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Graduation Ceremony

On March 24, the graduation ceremony for this year was held. One undergraduate, four master's...
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Dr. Yongsheng Fan

We are pleased to announce that Dr. , a lecturer at Yancheng Institute of Technology...
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Dr. Wan Zurina

At the end of October last year, Dr. Wan Zurina, our foreign collaborator,  returned to...
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